5 Sneaky Ways to Find Out a Hiring Manager’s Name

The Savvy Networker at Monster+HotJobs, Liz Ryan, has posted 5 Sneaky Ways to Find out a Hiring Manager’s Name.

Wide-awake job seekers know that if they send their resume into the Black Hole of HR, it’s never going to be seen again. The odds of getting an interview that way are close to nil. I like to tell job seekers that it’s safer to play the lottery–at least the lottery folks have to pay out, by law.

Rather than lobbing resumes into the Black Hole only to hear nothing in return, a better bet is to send your resume via snail mail to the hiring manager directly. Sure, but how do you find out who that hiring manager is? Here are five tips to get you going.

  • Google the boss’s title.
  • Search the LinkedIn database.
  • Use the company website’s search feature.
  • Scour LinkedIn groups.
  • Every exec has a team.

Read the entire article here…


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