New Resume Tools to Replace Illinois workNet Resume Builder

Have you used Illinois workNet to build a resume?  They are making changes, and users should log in soon to retrieve save resumes very soon.  Here is the note from Illinois workNet:

New resume options are coming! You will soon find brand new resume creation and storage tools on Illinois workNet’s Individuals pathway.

What does this mean for you?

The Illinois workNet Resume Builder will no longer be available after June 30. Customers who have resumes stored in the Resume Builder will want to retrieve them before July 1.

After logging into the Resume Builder through their Individuals account, customers have a few options for saving resumes:

  1. Choose from the “Download as” options at the bottom of their resume(s). (Downloading as a Word, RTF or TXT file allows for editing later. PDF does not.) Or;
  2. Copy and paste information into “My Notes” on their IL workNet home page (create new “resume” category) Or;
  3. Click “Email Resume” at the bottom of the screen, and send it to their personal email address

Customers can then use the new resume tools to enhance and/or store old resumes. Those with resumes in the current system will be notified of the upcoming changes by email and account messages.

Click here to visit Illinois workNet and log in to your account:


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