Article: Why You Don’t Need to Pack Your Resume With Keywords

A common question in job club is how to customize a resume to make it past initial screening, whether it is a person or a machine reviewing the resume.  We are often told to use keywords or buzzwords, tailoring the resume to match the job description.  This is good advice, however on US News and World Report’s On Careers blog,  Jacqui Barrett-Poindexter has posted an article called “Why You Don’t Need to Pack Your Resume With Keywords” that offers another perspective.

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2 thoughts on “Article: Why You Don’t Need to Pack Your Resume With Keywords

  1. A person who DOESN’T include keywords in their resume is Doomed. The title of the article is Misleading & can cause harm to less experienced job hunters.

    Consider the CONTEXT of her comment: (from the article)

    “While using language in your resume that mirrors your target company’s needs is imperative, keyword packing is not. In other words, know your audience, be precisely focused in your target job, and let the words bubble up intuitively.”

  2. Thank you for your comments, Diane! In job club, we often have questions about packing a resume with keywords, especially little tricks like adding extra text in a white font so a computer scanner will read them but a human may not catch those extra words. You are correct that the context of the article still encourages keywords, and that it is more important to use targeted keywords. Job seekers should consider tweaking their resume to match the keywords found in the job posting. Thanks again for your comments! ~Louise

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