December 11, 2012: “The Power to Pull Through” presentation at St. Mary’s Parish in Plainfield, IL

Do you have the power?
Life can get extremely difficult and frustrating at times. Things might be going great when all of a sudden; something hits us that send us tumbling downward in turmoil. Whether it is loss of a job, financial difficulties, medical issues or relationship problems, we sometimes find ourselves stuck with no foreseeable way out. These situations can be extremely trying, especially during the holiday season.
If you are experiencing some hardship, find yourself stuck in a difficult situation, or are searching for some inspiration to get you going, then please join us at the Employment Ministry meeting on Tuesday, December 11, 2012 in the St. Mary Immaculate Parish Faith Sharing Room, 15629 South Rt. 59 in Plainfield, IL at 6:30 pm and get unstuck.
“The Power To Pull Through – Who Is Going To Write Your Life Story” is a powerful, thought provoking presentation that will help you get unstuck and enlighten the path to pulling yourself through life’s obstacles.
During this presentation you will hear how:
– – The Power of the “Six Steps” will help you to overcome obstacles
– – The Power of Vision, Focus and Time will help you to attain your goals
– – The Power of Writing Your Life Story will help you to succeed
Tom Nosal is a Certified Life Coach whose mission is to encourage and empower others to identify and successfully achieve their goals. He is an award winning speaker, presenter and budding author who draws on a unique blend of life experiences and humor to enlighten and engage audiences. Tom has delivered speeches to community groups, business associations and conferences, and was the 2009 winner of Toastmaster’s Humorous Speech Contest.
If you are new to networking, come at 6:30 pm for an introduction to networking tools like the Handbill and the Elevator Speech. At 7:00 pm, our program featuring Tom Nosal will start. Later, you can work one-on-one with our coaches to improve your resume, to practice interviewing skills or expand your network. Bring copies of your handbill or resume.
We help job seekers succeed. There is no cost to attend, pre-registration is not required, and everyone is welcome. Our members represent all ages, work backgrounds and future desires. Dress is casual.
For more information, email or call 815-436-2651 ext 815.

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