September 23, 2014: “What’s Your Story” presentation at St. Mary’s Parish, Plainfield, IL

St. Mary's Immaculate ParishEmployment Ministry
Preparing Job Seekers for Success

St Mary Immaculate Parish, 15629 South Rt. 59, Plainfield, IL 60544

What’s Your Story? – Tuesday, September 23, 2014

“Words are how we think; stories are how we link.” (Christina Baldwin)

Hiring managers love a good story – stories that peak interest, invite discussion and give insight into the type of person you are. Facts and figures
are meaningless without the story behind them.

If you want to grab the hiring manager’s attention and appear more professional and confident, then this presentation will help you tremendously.

Tom Nosal, Job Search Strategist and author of the book Scaling Up Your Job Search: Three Strategic Steps to Landing Your Ideal Job, will lead you through the process of constructing stories that will wow and excite your listeners.

In this interactive presentation you will learn:
– The key elements every great story needs
– What to add to your story to make it amazing
– How to develop a story for resumes, cover letters and networking
– The correct way to practice, edit and deliver the story
– How to construct a complete story on the fly using the “3 Things” method

We meet Tuesday, Sept 23rd in the St. Mary Immaculate Parish Faith Sharing Room, 15629 South Rt. 59 in Plainfield at 6:30 pm.

We help job seekers succeed. There is no cost to attend and everyone is welcome. For more info, email or call 815-557-4904.


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