New Job Search Rules For This Year’s Graduates

graduation cap and diplomaNow that the dust (and confetti) has settled, it’s time for new grads to start buckling down and work on their job search.  There’s lots of advice and best practice rules out there for how to conduct your search.  But where do you start?  Find out in this insightful article! Read full article here.

Article – “6 Ways to Know If You Need a Career Change — Or Just a Job Change?”

200299540-001It’s not always that easy to tell if you’re ready to move onto a new job or if what you’re really ready for is a career change.  Ask yourself some questions to start to decide what you’re really ready for.

  • What do I dislike most about my current job?
  • What do I dislike most about my current career path?
  • How much do I know about my target field?

To learn all the questions to ask yourself, read the full article here:

Article – “Five Job-Search Tactics That Work — And Five That Don’t”

two-business-people-with-a-laptop-holding-a-laptopThere are a lot of job search tactics out there.  Some people swear by some tactics, others by other tactics.  At the end of the day, you should use what works best for you, what’s getting you results.  Liz Ryan, a contributor at Forbes lists out five of the best job search tactics that she has found to work!

  1. Networking
  2. Consulting
  3. The Direct Approach
  4. Recruiters
  5. Temp-to-Perm

Read full article here.

Article – “The 2 things you need to remember when you’re burned on the job search”

women working on computersGetting turned down or rejected during a job search is never fun.  It can be disappointing after your hard work to find yourself in the same spot.  Keeping positive is important.  Often times this is simply part of the process.  One job might not be the right fit for you.  But that doesn’t mean the next one won’t be.  Disappointments now might help you later during your job search.  Learn from past experiences, what worked, what did not work and apply that to future endeavors.  Read full article here.

Article – “You Should Be Using the Latest Job-Hunting Apps”

Texting and readingThere’s an app for that!  And so many other things as well.  Today everything has an app.  Including your job search!  Some apps might be just what you’re looking for.  Facebook Jobs, Glassdoor, SnagaJob and more!  Read full article here and learn what apps might give your job search the boost you’ve been waiting for!