Article – “Three Secrets Of Every Successful Job Search Or Career Change”

University student listening to music and holding laptop, studio shotA lot of people contemplate starting a job search or a career change.  Some are more successful than others.  A successful job search or career change has many factors, length of search, landing a position, landing the right position.  The list can go on.  Read Kitty Boitnott’s article to learn more.  From ensuring that you know what you want as you start your job search to understanding what tools or resources you need as you conduct your job search or career change.  And finally making sure you are willing to continually carry out the process.  No job search or career change happens over night, it takes time and patience.

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Article – “How to Keep Your Stealth Job Search Quiet”

Conducting any job search is stressful and each one comes with its own unique set of challenges.  A stealth job search can be the start of leaving behind a job or company where you felt stifled or unhappy.  However, it does come with its own unique set of challenges.  Read Liz Ryan’s article to learn how to successfully conduct a job search, while remaining in your current position.  From emphasizing while networking that you are conducting a stealth job search to ensuring your LinkedIn settings don’t spark red flag to colleagues or your boss.

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Article – “How To Shorten Your Time Spent On Job Searching “

young man writing with coffee cupOnce you start a job search or make the decision to change careers, you want it to happen NOW.  It’s understandable.  Read how to shorten your job search, through networking groups, career services at your Alma mater, and being prepared.  Sometimes the best way to speed up a job search is to slow down for a moment and do your research.

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Article – “How to Search for a Job at Different Ages for Best Results”

young_and_old250Learn how to best job search at your age.  Job search can favor the younger, but don’t discount the experience and skill sets that any one can bring to an interview.  Networking, reaching out to mentors is vital at any age.  Knowing your strengths and playing them up is also important.  Learn more advice according to Economic Times contributors.

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Article – “Google Just Made Everyone’s Job Hunt SO Much Easier”

google-200x200.7714256da16fYour job search just got a bit easier!  Job searching often feels like another job, no ifs, ands, or buts about it.  But now you can search “Jobs Near Me” in Google and voila!  You can also customize the position you are looking for as well as incorporate your commute.

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