Article – “Accelerate Your Job Search by Honing Your Soft Skills”

shaking-hands-over-an-interview1Soft skills and hard skills are both essential for a job search.  But soft skills often fall by the wayside during a job search.  Read more to find out not only why it’s important to hone your soft skills during a job search but learn more about soft skills in general.  What are they and why are they important?  From interpersonal communication to how you can relate to others and more, soft skills are harder to define than hard skills, but no less important.

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Article – “Three Secrets Of Every Successful Job Search Or Career Change”

University student listening to music and holding laptop, studio shotA lot of people contemplate starting a job search or a career change.  Some are more successful than others.  A successful job search or career change has many factors, length of search, landing a position, landing the right position.  The list can go on.  Read Kitty Boitnott’s article to learn more.  From ensuring that you know what you want as you start your job search to understanding what tools or resources you need as you conduct your job search or career change.  And finally making sure you are willing to continually carry out the process.  No job search or career change happens over night, it takes time and patience.

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Article – “6 Ways to Know If You Need a Career Change — Or Just a Job Change?”

200299540-001It’s not always that easy to tell if you’re ready to move onto a new job or if what you’re really ready for is a career change.  Ask yourself some questions to start to decide what you’re really ready for.

  • What do I dislike most about my current job?
  • What do I dislike most about my current career path?
  • How much do I know about my target field?

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Article – “10 Good Ways to Tell Me About Yourself”

200299540-001It’s a question many people dread getting asked during an interview, but one that will continue to pop up interview after interview.  Read about different ways to approach this question and take away different answer templates!  Also, learn more about the two elements to your answer.

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Article – “The Tough Feedback You Need to Hear During a Long Job Search”

women working on computersDuring your job search it is important to keep focused, to listen to feedback from others and to keep a positive attitude.  Most of this you can keep up yourself, but making sure you get honest and constructive criticism from friends, family and coworkers can be difficult, especially when so much of your energy is focused on applications and interviews!

Read below to find out why you might not be getting the interview or getting the job.  From less than specific cover letters to resumes that don’t effectively highlight your accomplishments.

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