Article – “6 Ways to Know If You Need a Career Change — Or Just a Job Change?”

200299540-001It’s not always that easy to tell if you’re ready to move onto a new job or if what you’re really ready for is a career change.  Ask yourself some questions to start to decide what you’re really ready for.

  • What do I dislike most about my current job?
  • What do I dislike most about my current career path?
  • How much do I know about my target field?

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Article – “10 Good Ways to Tell Me About Yourself”

200299540-001It’s a question many people dread getting asked during an interview, but one that will continue to pop up interview after interview.  Read about different ways to approach this question and take away different answer templates!  Also, learn more about the two elements to your answer.

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Article – “The Tough Feedback You Need to Hear During a Long Job Search”

women working on computersDuring your job search it is important to keep focused, to listen to feedback from others and to keep a positive attitude.  Most of this you can keep up yourself, but making sure you get honest and constructive criticism from friends, family and coworkers can be difficult, especially when so much of your energy is focused on applications and interviews!

Read below to find out why you might not be getting the interview or getting the job.  From less than specific cover letters to resumes that don’t effectively highlight your accomplishments.

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Article – “Find Out What Job Best Matches Your Personality”

question mark manThinking about changing jobs?  Not sure if a potential career route would be the best fit?  Informational interviews are important when contemplating a new job or career change.  In addition, personality tests and quizzes can help point you in the right direction.  Not only does it require you to think about what you would like to do, it promotes self analysis and self-awareness, both of which are important during a job search.

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Article – “These 10 Mistakes are Killing Your Resume”

Jobs--resumes smallIt’s important that you stand out in your resume.  When writing your resume, make sure that you sound like yourself.  Rather than just sending your resume into an online portal, directly contact the hiring manager.  Send them both a Pain Letter and a Human Voiced Resume.

Read about ten mistakes to avoid if you are trying to create a human voiced resume that shows off your experience, skills and your own unique personality.

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